I work online. My work is computer-based. I deal with both non-techie and techie stuff. But mind you I’m not that techie.

HTML? I only know the basic.

CSS? I know the more basic than the basic.

Ask me not about Java.

Photo editing? I know that there’s such thing as PhotoShop. But I can manage with Paint. hahaha!!!

And so, as I go about my daily routine at work, let me share with you some technical stuff that I will be learning each and everyday. Don’t expect to know the top secrets of my work ok. Kaya nga secret e.

I might not be able to categorize the technical tricks that I will include here. But each post shall go with tags that will be easy for you to search and find.

If you think that some thing can be done easier than what I have posted, please feel free to post a comment. Let’s learn things together…

If you find something super basic and it seems like a breakthrough for me, then forgive me for my idiocracy…Be thankful, instead that somehow somewhere you’re far more advanced than others 😉