Have you ever experienced a terrible stomach ache as if your abdomen is continuously punched?  You are clueless as to what caused it.  For sure you didn’t eat anything that caused your stomach upset.  And you have no ulcer or acute gastroenteritis.  Then for sure you have experienced a high level stress in the past few days!

To minimize if not totally heal the stomach ache, drink Gatorade and eat Skyflakes.  Gatorade is isotonic thus it can bring back lost ions from your system due to exhaustive activities you’ve been through.  Skyflakes, on the other hand, can act as neutralizer.  Stomach ache due to stress is caused by acid building up in your stomach.  Neutralize this by eating Skyflakes.

If you have no Skyflakes available, you can also try eating non-sweetened or non-filled biscuits.  Please avoid biscuits with sesame seeds.

For those who do not keep Gatorade at home, you can also neutralize the acids in your stomach by drinking a glass of luke warm milk.  Take note that this is not advisable for those who are lactose intolerant.