At some point in our life we have to deal with people in authority, stores, offices, and institutions.  Whether we like it or not our life has to include them – be it for official purposes or for some personal matters.


This page will walk you through some events in my life.  Some of them must be very familiar to you.  The others which are not should hopefully teach you some lesson.

Life is an endless battle.  It’s a jungle out there.  The name of the game: survival of the fittest.  And as we continue the journey towards fulfillment and achievement, we will have to face the lions and the typhoons.

Problems may come packed in bulk and will hit us all at once.  In situations like this what can we do? To surrender is a big NO NO.  Fight!  That’s the spirit.

Hurdles can come one at a time.  The best way to overcome them is to wisely solve them one by one.

Read each sub-page with all your heart and mind.  I am not here to make non-sense commentaries.  But to bring you stories based on true-to-life experiences.  Each of them is an honest revelation of life.


This is Jacqui’s Reviews.