It’s been weeks since Hubby and I went to Bacolod for an exciting trip to Mambukal Resort and to attend to the Christening of my grandson, Baby Joemarc.  But until now, I can’t get over our unique experience at the 24-hour spa – The Blade Spa.

I needed a manicure and a pedicure.  Hubby needed a massage.  So I browsed through Bacolod directory and looked for spa though I already have this feeling that all of them will be closed by 10pm as what I thought considering the business hours of most spas in Iloilo City.  I’ve searched for the Blade spa.  It’s the only spa I know in Bacolod after knowing it from Mambukal Resort.  I was soooooooooooo happy upon knowing that the spa is open 24hours.  Amazing isn’t it!!!

We came to the spa minutes from the Bacolod Pension.  After telling the front desk our requested services, we were escorted upstairs to wait for our manicuristas.  It was dark in the second floor.  Hubby and I had to sit on a comfy sofa and managed to read mags in the dark…samo-samok sa YES! Mag hehehehe…

After a very satisfying foot scrub with pedicure, Hubby excused himself to get another service.  Aba nalingaw!  He requested for this Ventusa kind of massage.  The massage uses vacuum glasses which are believed to get unwanted air from the body.  I’ve decided on a Body Scrub with Massage for myself.

I almost fell asleep as I was having a very relaxing body scrub.  It was soooooo good that it got me addicted to it.  It must have been the masseuse…no perhaps the place…or the ambiance…it was because of everything in the spa.  I was falling in love with the spa.

When Hubby and I went back to Bacolod Pension he showed me the effects of the Ventusa.  I saw several brownish-like cricles on his chest and at his back.

The number of circles was less than the actual number of glasses used during the massage.  That means that some parts of his body have significant amount of unwanted air and the vacuum glasses took those air out of his system.  Cool isn’t it?

Every now and then Hubby keeps mentioning about going back to Bacolod for another day at the spa.  It amuses me because he was never into stuff like salon, spa, shopping etc.  But the Blade Spa captured his heart.

Try the Blade Spa for yourself, too.  You’ll love it!  I’m not paid to advertise them but this post is a sincere recommendation due to a very satisfying experience.

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