I’m no gadget-girl.  Seriously enough, I don’t even have an eye on keeping gadgets like mp3, mp4, iPod, or high-end mobile phones.  Just as long as I can send SMS and make loca and international calls, I’m contented with it.

But presently, out of the blue, I’ve developed this urge to buy for myself a Samsung Omnia a.k.a. Samsung i900.  What made me want this phone?  Simple.  I needed something that can:

1. allow me to send files and not just SMS anywhere, any time

2. allow me to watch movies anywhere, any time

3. allow me to access the Internet anywhere, any time

Now the abovementioned reasons were influenced by my jobs – my source of bread and butter.  Considering the on and off long hours of power outages plus sudden Internet connection interruptions, I’ve realized that I need to invest on some phones that can become an extension or back up of my laptop.

Samsung Omnia

Why Samsung Omnia?  Why not N95 or iPhone? Compared to Nokia n95 and Apple iPhone, Samsung Omnia has DivX/XviD/WMV/MP4 player which allows its user to play donwloaded movies through it.  Unlike iPhone, it’s less expensive.  And unlike N95, it’s not a slide-designed phone, which I personally dislike.

For full specifications of Samsung Omnia, please visit this page.  And for a demo on the features and functions of Samsung Omnia, please watch this video.

Now that I’ve clearly elaborated the reasons behind my need – not want – for a Samsung Omnia phone, I guess I need to narrow down next the time it will take me to buy the phone. I’ve already did some window shopping and found out that in one mall, they sell Omnia at 29K+ pesos per phone. The other store in another mall sells Omnia at 23K+ pesos. A neighboring store sells Omnia at 26K+ pesos. So obviously I should buy at the store that seels Omnia for only 23K+ pesos. But when? Haha 😀

I’m someone who eliminates one debt first before proceeding to another expenses. So for this need, I have to pay off my credit card debt first 😉 I just hope that when I’m already set to buy the phone, stores will have available stocks for me or I’ll be dead meat 😦