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I am not sure if this post will still make sense or will touch the heart of PLDT people.  This post and me will be one of the countless posts and reviews regarding PLDT, its products, and its Customer Service.  Just like what my Aussie boss said, me and the rest of the PLDT subscriberts are just numbers.

Despite of being a mere “number” allow me to share to you my frustrating and totally disappointing experiencessssssss with PLDT.

July 2008, my PLDT – phone and Internet lines – were installed.  I was amazed.  The application form states that installation will happen 15 days after submission of the said form.  Indeed, on the 15th day, linemen came into my apartment to fix my line.

Internet Slows Down

I subscribed to Plan Xcite.  With the said plan, I expected a speed of up to 2 mbps.  But in the early months of my subscription I already experienced slow times.  I’ve inquired through 171 – the PLDT Customer Service helpdesk or hotline.  And what do you expect?  Agents who act as if they’re to your rescue only to find out that all of their instructions are SCRIPTED.

From go to START then CMD or RUN to ping test to going to Control Panel, finding the IP radio button, blah blah blah….Well, thinking that it really would help my problem and I was quite unconfident with my basic computer skills, I did as instructed.  As expected, nothing happened.

After several calls and research, I found out that when you subscribed to a plan that says a particular maximum of speed, you expect that you will get at least 60% of that.  That means, with my Plan Xcite subscription I can only expect a 1.2mbps speed, at least.

But here’s the catch: When one technician came to check on our Internet he mentioned, “you should be getting at least 1.5mbps.”  Ha??? Which is which? 60% or the 1.5mbps at least?

171 people and PLDT technicians – BE CONSISTENT! You won’t be caught lying to your customers if you only make your system go hand in hand.

Terrible Slow Downs

Some time during the 3rd quarter of my subscription I experienced another slow down.  Actually it was a TOTAL DOWN TIME.

Months after I had to use a router so I can share my up to 2mbps Internet between 2 laptops, I experienced a terrible problem.  During these DARK MOMENTS, here’s what happened:

In the early stage of the problem, I had no problem with my Internet line during day time.  The problem attacks at night time which goes back to normal at around midnight.

The problem at night is that I can only use one PC for my Internet.  No routers allowed otherwise, you may not be able to browse anything.  With Firefox, you will see annoying Page Load Errors, Connection Interrupted, and broken images.

I called up 171 again…As usual, there goes their script.  I had enough!!! So I had to tell the person on line to stop using the script because I know it already.  I tell you I’ve called up many customer reps already.  And there was even this guy who – in raised voice – said HINDI PO YAN MAAM IBA PO.  Huh!!! OK let’s see what’s new…Ay ayun naman pala…Yung titingnan ko raw IP ko sa 2 pc-like figures at the bottom right of my PC.  Bago nga!!!!

The findings?  I am getting an invalid IP address – with or without a router.  I am getting a 169 IP address.  So I asked the guy why am I getting a 169?  He said sa modem daw.  So I ORDERED him to send a technician and change my modem.

The next day a technician with GARRIDO in his uniform arrived.  After several attempts still we couldn’t browse.  Page Load Error pa rin.  And you know what he said? AS LONG AS COMPLETE AND ILAW NG MODEM, WALANG PROB SA AMIN…SA PC NIYO ANG PROB.  OMG!!!!

Night came, and the problem still persisted.  To my surprise, when I called up 171 this GARRIDO reported that it was our LAN Card that has a problem.  Ha???????? So tinanong ko ang Customer Service Rep, “Ibig sabihin OK ang LAN Card naman sa umaga tapos sa gabi hindi sya OK?”  Hahahaha!!! Funny Isn’t it?  I really wonder where did PLDT get that GARRIDO.

Another technician came.  Mukhang mabait…But as usual, wala ring alam!  My BF had to tell him pa what to click, where to go next so he can check…Susmaryosep!!! I dare not say anything more…

I called up 171 again…This time, I demanded for someone who is a REAL TECHNICIAL or TRUE LINE SPECIALIST.  Di yung pulpol na mukhang marami pa kong alam kesa sa kanila. Grrrrrrrr!!!!

The next technician came by the name of Bert.  At first he was able to solve our problem in browsing.  And the next day (Saturday) he came back to change our modem after reporting to him the other night that the problem happened again at night time.  Now this is the kind of technician na dapat ihire ng PLDT!!!!

My point is, a problem in telecommunications or any problem for that matter which can caused by a lot of factors can be solved using elimination technique.  Wala problem sa PC so it must be the router…no problem ang router…then it must be the modem…no problem sa modem…then the lines must be congested.  Di niyo kelangang gumawa ng alibi like sira ang LAN Card.


Ito ang funny…My jobs allow me to go mobile even if I’m at work as long as an airborne Internet access is present.  So I wanted to checked out their WeRoam.  My interest became greater in extent when at one time, a brochure or ad leaflet was sent along with my PLDT bill saying that WeRoam can give up to 2mbps speed.  E di hindi ko na pinansin ang “up to” kundi yung 2mbps na lang.

I rushed to the PLDT – Lapaz Office.  From there, I was warmyly accommodated by a front desk person (customer service person) explaining to me what WeRoam is. I gladly asked about the speed. I needed a specific range.  But I was told with something read form the leaflet.  Ay ganun? May kodigo pa?

After several exchange of Qs and As the customer service rep handed me an application form sabay sabing, “Pag Grade A customer dapat mas more services and better quality ibigay namin.”  Really lang ha.

Well, I didn’t sign up for that WeRoam.  Primarily, because I wasn’t satisfied with the answer of the Customer Service person.  That reason plus the lock-in period thingy and other reasons prompted me not to pursue with my application.

Lucky for me that I didn’t apply that time because some time in May 2009, PLDT had this promo offering FREE WeRoam airbus card or that USB thingy to subscribers who are subscribed to Xcite and the other one.  E di ba Xcite subscriber ako? Rush agad ako sa PLDT.  Binigay ko na sa babae ang leaflet ng promo.  Pumasok sya sa loob.  Ilang minutes after, she came back telling me WALANG STOCK plus she instructed me to call 171.  Ha??? E sabi nga sa leaflet pumunta sa local office tapos patatawagin mo ko sa 171?  Hay no wonder ewan ang mga nasa 171 kasi mga Supervisors nila mga ewan din!!!!

So OK tawag pa rin ako sa 171.  Aba, yung local Customer Rep sabi tawag daw ako sa 171.  Ito namang taga-171 pumunta daw ako ng ibang office.  Ganun?

Sabi na nga ba e.  Pag FREE mahirap talagang kunin…kahit na you deserve it.  Hahahahaha!!!!

Worst than Dial Up Speed

Ito ang pinakaproblem ko ngayon.  I expect a speed of up to 2mbps.  That’s what I’m religiously paying for so that’s what I deserve right?

Since May 2009 until today, my speed has gone down to 0.2mbps the first time this incident happened.  I had to call 171.  No I didn’t allow them to waste my time telling me those scripted instructions.  I requested for my line to be configured.  Weeks na wala pa rin.  June na wala pa rin.  Until I requested help from my Boss from Australia.

Sir Dave called up PLDT – not sure which number or office.  But you know what happened, minutes after may tumawag agad…parang Cebuano o Ilonggo telling me that he will configure my line so I need to on/off the modem for several seconds.  Galing a!!!! Aksyon agad!!!!  But kelangan ba talaga foreigner pa makiusap sa inyo????

But before the solution to the problem, here’s the most annoying part.  After countless calls to 171 I’ve decided to call 033-320-1133 which is the number for Customer Service Supervisors here in Lapaz, Iloilo City.  Grabe tagal sagutin yung phone.  Ito pa ang ang nakakaloka – E di may sumagot, pinahold muna ako dahil ichecheck daw naku d man lang naimute o natakpan ang phone kasi dinig na dinig ko nakikipagtsismisan pa sa kaofficemate nya.  UY KANINONG BAG TO? ANONG DALA MO? OMG!!!! Worst pa pala mga ‘to sa 171 pips.

Tapos akong ihold sinagot na, parang may kinakain pa…grabe how unprofessional!  Ang sabi, may reklamo na dito…Parang gusto kong sabihin – O TAPOS? Ano next na may reklamo na?  Naku wala kang makukuha talaga. As in!!!

Lousy Contractors!!!

PLDT has these contractors incharged with installation, clearing, etc.  Here in Iloilo City, I’ve known that they have 3 groups working for them.  One of these contractors is the Access Network Services and Management Inc. (ANSMI).

June 9, 2009 the people from the ANSMI were tasked to clear PLDT lines, specifically to clean up old and unused phone boxes and lines in our place at Lapaz.  I woke up at around near lunch time.  I opened my laptop and found out that my modem has incomplete lights.  I wanted to call up 171 – again – but my phone has no dial tone.  I rushed downstairs to use the apartment’s phone and from our Apartment Staff I knew that some PLDT contractors cut some lines outside and they WRONGFULLY CUT MY LINE!!!!



I spent my day working for my line to be re-installed.  I called up 171 first.  Grabe ang tanga ng nakausap ko:

Rep: Ma’am saan po ba ang putol?

Me: Sa may bx sa labas.

Rep: Sa labas po ba ang putol?

Me: Sa labas ang putol.

Ano ba yan?  May mas tanga pa ba dito?  Ang sinabi lang na solution – again, as usual – GAGAWAN NG REPORT.  I said NO.  I have no unpaid bill and no pending account sa PLDT why do I have to wait.  Call PLDT Iloilo and let them look for those men who cut my line.  Gaano naman kahirap matrace ang incharge sa clearing? And gaano sila kahirap malocate o tawagan? Wala daw e.  Ang proper daw ang GAWAN NG REPORT. OMG!!! I just wish that this rep will not experience the same thing that I’m experiencing.  Basta ang alam ko sinigawan ko sya! 😀

Punta ako ng PLDT Lapaz. 1087 number ko…I was waiting…And when 1087 number was called up nakita ko may nakaupo o may inientertain pa. So upo muna ako…Huh! Biglang nag1088!!!!  Lapit ako sa lalaki…Sabihan ba naman akong KANINA PA KO PINDOT NANG PINDOT NG 1087!  E gago ka pala e…pindot ka ng pindot pero may kinakausap ka pa dito!!!! Sasabihin ko pa sanang biglang nag1088…sinagot ako! Ah ganun ha, papahiyain din kita!!!! Tinalikuran ko sya…Gagantihan ko talaga pag ako na!

Ako na! Tinapon ko sa harapan nya ang number ko sabay sabing PINUTULAN NIYO KO WALA AKONG UTANG SA PLDT!!!!  Aba malumanay ang sago, “Ano number nyo?” Sinabi ko…Aba tinanong ba naman ako na SIGURADO KA NA TAGA PLDT ANG PUMUTOL? Gago nga sya ha!!! Di dapat Customer Service to dapat Security Guard lang!!!!  Pinakita ko ang picture ng putol naming line sa kanya…HINDI TININGNAN NG GAGO!!!!

Ayun desisyon na sya…ang verdict: I-DIG MUNA NAMIN TO TO INVESTIGATE KUNG SINO ANG MGA TAONG NAKAPUTOL!!!!  Dun na ako nagalit.  Pahihintayin na naman ako nito!!!!  So I told him I DON’T WANT TO WAIT THIS IS TOO MUCH!!! I NEVER LET PLDT WAIT FOR MY PAYMENT SO I DESERVE NOT TO WAIT TOO!!!! Aba, may tinawagan…malamang ang head ng mga contractors…until ako ang kumausap sa tao dun sa other line…

Very calm ang nasa ibang linya pero sinabihan ko agad KAYO ANG PUMUTOL NG LINE KO? Aba parang magdedeny pa ha. Sabi pa d daw macontact ang tao.  I already told them it will cost my job.  Pero ang sabi lang PAKIREPORT NG NUMBER NYO MA’AM PABABALIKAN KO AGAD MAMAYA SA MGA TAO.

Si Gago nawala.  Pumasok sa loob.  Pinaghintay ako sa labas….Matagal!!!! Nang bumalik sinabi ko sa kanya ireport ang number ko at pabalikin ang mga linemen na pumutol.  May dinial..Dyos ko 171 ulit!!!!! At ako pa ang ipinarport ng number ko… What’s the use of you as the Customer Service Gago???? HA gago ka????  Mamatay ka sana!!!!

Umalis ako assuming na babalikan ako ng mga pumutol ng line ko. May dumating na PLDT technician, tiningnan ang line, d maremedyuhan dahil putol from the start talaga!  Sabi ng technician, hahanapin nya ang mga linemen.  From 3pm to past 6pm walang dumating!!!!

Tinawagan ko ang 320 11233 ulit.  Aba yung si WeRoam ang nakasagot!!!! Sabi wala daw syang magagawa at binigay sa akin number ni Darroca, 033-393-0100.

When I called up Darroca, I was really disappointed, that after all those panicking and stress sasabihin nya lang WALA NA SILA.  Tinulungan nya daw ako to the best that he can pero wala na daw sila.  Ganun?  Hindi ba nagrereport sa yo mga contractors?  Hindi ba nagrereport sa Team Leader or sa Foreman ang mga contractors?  Hindi mo ba mahagilap ang Team Leader?  Alibi na walang katuturan!!!!

Morning came, June 10, 2009…Dumating ang mga linemen.  Inayos nila yung sa cafe across our apartment.  Hubby approached one of them and told them what happened to our line.  Aba tiningnan ang sabi CHECK KO KAHAPON WALANG DIAL TONE…Ah sinagot ko, bago kayo dumating may tumawag pang tagaPLDT pano mawawalan ng dial tone? Di sya sumagot, tumalikod sabay sabing aayusin daw nila.

Inaayos na…Aba isasama ba naman ang line namin sa box ng apartment e may sarili kaming linya.  D ba kayo nakakaremember kung ano ang kunuha niyo dapat ibalik niyo? Ang tanga!!!!

While these linemen were fixing, their foreman came in a work car with plate number TMD 398. Napakaunprofessional ni foreman, why?

1. You’re the forman, the head of the group, yet you never made any effort to approach the Apartment staff to ask for the owner of the line you wrongfully cut! Hindi yung tatanungin mo lang kung sinong passerby jan…

2.  In a distance of roughly 3meters sisigaw ka sa tao and sasabihing you’re calling our phone and nagriring naman.  Naku FOREMAN ka ba talaga??? Ang alam ko kasi ang phone pag nacut sa local lang magriring pa rin yan dahil active pa sa main line/connection.  Nakuuuuuuuuuu!!!!

3. May kasalanan kayo e…dapat lang na humingi kayo ng dispensa dahil boomerang yan sa capacity and credibility ng company niyo!  Pero umalis lang si foreman na walang nangyaring ganun.

May lumapit sa Staff namin saying TINANONG KAYO KAHAPO SABI NYO WALA NA TO.  At sinagot sila ng staff namin na, kayo ang nagtanong ng 2 phone numbers hindi kayo nagtanong if may ari ang other numbers na nandyan.  Ayan! Janito lang yang si Manong Staff pero mukhang mas smart pa sya kesa sa inyo!!!!

Nagawa na sya…Tinanong ko ang isa sa mga linemen who also asked our Staff about their company name and address as well as the names of the person who cut my line.  Sinulat ang ACRONYM ng Company nila – ANSMI Sarao Dumangas.  Wow ang layo a!!!!

Binalik sa akin ang notebook without the names of the linemen.  Binalik ko sa kanya and pinasulat ang names nila.  Pumunta kay Team Leader.  Lumapit si Team Leader sa akin.  Explain si Team Leader, porke check naman daw walang dial tone sinabi ko may nakatawag pa sa akin tapos walang dial tone.  Sabi ni Team Leader baka daw naapakan ng tauhan nya tapos lumuwang…ganun??? Kala mo sa akin Grade 1? Todo apologize si Team Leader pero halatang di gustong isulat ang names mga tauhan nya.

After several discussions, I knew I couldn’t let this man put their names on the paper.  I just thought that the name of their company would suffice.  In the end, pinapirma ako…Siguro to confirm na nagwa na nga yung line ko…na dapat di naman talaga included sa ginagawa niyo.

Haba ng post ko ano?  This is how PLDT works!  Kayo na lang ang humusga!  I wanted to file a complaint…These people won’t learn a lesson unless someone teach them.  I lost clients, I’ve wasted a lot of time and money, the stress, and a stress-induced acid rise in my stomach that caused me to get sick today.

I have until this weekend to file a complaint against PLDT.  For now, it’s 70 (complain) 30 (not to complain).


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